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Caspi’s Jewelry provides in-store jewelry repair services. Jewelry repairs are typically completed within 10 minute while some repairs may take longer. Repair services include:
  • Ring resizing down/up
  • Prong repair and setting services
  • Soldering work & general repair
  • Timepiece services & battery replacement
  • Engravings by machine or hand
  • Restoration of vintage & estate jewelry
  • Restringing pearls & beaded jewelry

Caspi’s Jewelry also provides custom jewelry services from start to finish. With an in-store gemologist, jewelry designer, and bench jeweler, we have the knowledge, creativity, and ability to make your vision come true. Please contact us to discuss custom work further.

Should you need appraisal services, Caspi’s Jewelry provides in-store assessments and can facilitate a comprehensive appraisal.